Thursday, December 29, 2016

Rest of Christmas Week

This week I've really enjoyed being home from work and hanging with my parents and Molly Anne.  Unfortunately this is a really crazy week for Kevin as he is trying to meet year end goals, but he's come home early some days and took Dad to the shooting range yesterday too!  

On Monday the 26th we headed to the mall to return some things and so my Dad could get his phone fixed at the Apple store.  I had made him an appointment a couple weeks ago so he could get the battery replaced through a recall.  

Monday afternoon, we de-Christmased.  I cannot stand for decorations to be up past the day after Christmas.  I was overrrrrr it at that point.  Everything is down and put up in the attic.  Whew.  It was weird when we put them away that this will be the last time they're used in this house.  

Tuesday and Wednesday we played in the mornings then I took Molly Anne to Ms. Becky's to eat lunch and nap so Mom and I could go do some things.  Afternoons are better for Mom because it takes her awhile to get up and ready in the mornings.  So this worked out best and Molly Anne loved going to see Ms. Becky since it had been a week!  

Mom and I got to go to a few shops here and there and pick up some home decor items!  She's right that I need to start picking up things here when I see them versus getting everything when we move in.  

Had to get a few pictures of just us girls!  She and Molly Anne look so much alike it's crazy!

Her tongue is out and her finger is already pointing like she's going to be a teacher just like Nannie!

These are a few pictures of some areas we changed around in our den.  I got rid of college frames and a bunch of clutter.  Felt good to clean out!  We still have work to do to get ready for our big move in the Fall.  My goal is to clean out along the way this year so we are ready come October or so.  

That's it for today.  Ms. Becky is closed today and tomorrow so Molly Anne and I are hanging out and getting things done around the house and doing some errands too!  Tomorrow is my year in review!  Can't believe 2016 is almost over!

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  1. DITTO! I am SOOOOO with you! On Monday, I de-Christmased. So great to have everything back to "normal." Granted, I LOOOOOVE Christmas and the decorations that comes with it, but dangit, I LOOOOOOVE taking them down, too!