Thursday, December 8, 2016

Christmas Card 2016

Here is our Christmas card this year!  I mailed them on Monday so most people have probably received them by now.  We took the picture on my brother and sil's dock when we were down there for Thanksgiving.  The shadow bothers me but I just love the picture of our Molly Anne!

This is the back of the card.  We couldn't forget our Mills!

I always order from Minted.  Their service and quality of cards is hard to beat.  Also, I am not addressing 135 Christmas cards by hand and they save you the work and address them!  I use the same spreadsheet every year (and update it throughout the year) and upload it to their website.  

Hope to see all of your cards electronically as well!


  1. What a sweet photo of her! I'm so late to the game, we aren't even taking our photo until Saturday so let's hope I can get a quick turnaround lol

  2. beautiful!! She is just a little doll baby. Love those pig tails!!