Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Visit with Hayden

On Sunday, one of my oldest friends from Maryland was in town visiting.  She and her husband, and 2 year old live in Boston now.  They were in town and were able to pop by and see us for a bit on Sunday morning!  

Miss Molly Anne waiting for them to arrive!

Giving Mills his bone.

She loves the cradle that Dad built her...always has!

We LOVED getting to see them!  Hayden and Molly Anne played their little hearts out!  They're 10 months apart.  

Hugging goodbye!  So sweet!

This is them in July 2015!  Haha!

Times have changed for sure!  xo

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  1. So very sweet! There is something so special about seeing your friend's children together with yours, isn't it? :)