Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Trip Wrap Up

Hey guys!  I missed being around but got a lot done on the road while I was working.  Very busy with lots of new deals so that is awesome! 

The outlets weren't as great as I expected.  Their deals just weren't that fantastic.
Vineyard Vines definitely had some good stuff - men's polos for $39.99, belts for $29.99.  I got a pair of khaki shorts that I've needed forever for $29.99.  There was also a 3/4 sleeve shirt that was green and white striped that I got for $9.99.  Other than that, not a ton of selection and not crazy good deals.  Went to Tory Burch - they had a minor discount on the revas but not like a "oh my goodness I have to get these" discount.  Same with Williams-Sonoma.

I did have a pretty sweet rental car from Laguardia!
Got to Norfolk, VA yesterday and had a couple meetings nearby there.  Had about 30 minutes to spare and ran into a couple cute shops on the water.  This was the view from them. 
Got back to Charlotte about 10pm last night and found these cute notes on my counter.  Kevin had made me breakfast, lunch and dinner for today and told me what was what.  How cute!  PS - yes, he calls me Lish.
I don't mind leaving for a night here and there but I do miss him when I'm gone!