Friday, August 27, 2010

Last Day in Florida

On Friday morning we got to play with Anna Kate and Amelia for a lil bit by ourselves.  We shared Amelia's swimmy and acted like a train going around the condo.  We had to since there was only one!!! 
Then double trouble got into Amelia's pack and play and Anna Kate took one of her paci's even though Anna Kate doesn't use paci's anymore (there is a 10 month age difference).  They switched pacis and giggled so hard!
Monkey see, monkey do!
Then Kevin and I went out to the beach with Clay, Emily and Uncle Mac.  Emily and I went out in their kayak.
It was one of my favorite parts of the trip - very fun riding the wave in too.  You'll see I look ginormous (I'm at the top of the wave) as we try very hard not to flip.  We didn't!
After leftover night, we just hung around.  Emily reading to the three lil girls!
Double trouble.
Ryan and Kit.  They live out in Boise and have two little ones Maeve and Finn.
My mom and Finn.  He was such a good boy all week!  So cute!
Miss Amelia - the queen!
My parents with Maeve.  She will be 4 next March!
And then came goodbye because everyone was leaving the next morning.  :(
Anna Kate picking up her toys.  I think she thought she was leaving that second.  I'm not sure she can get much cuter!
And that was the end of the trip.  We drove back on Saturday the 21st.  Kevin and I stopped in Jacksonville, FL and had lunch at River City Brewing Company thanks to a suggestion from my good friend Beverly (she grew up there).  It was tasty and nice to eat on the water. 

Do you all have any big vacation plans left for the year?

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