Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Nail Polish

Hey Ladies (and Dad - you may just want to quit reading this post)!

I'm in the market for some new nail polish.  We are going to Florida in a couple weeks and I thought it would be fun to get a new bottle...much cheaper than a pedicure!  So I've always been an OPI gal.... 
...but I hear that essie stays on longer.  Have you heard the same?  What polish do you use?

Also - where do you get yours?  Obviously there is your typicaly drugstore (Walgreens, CVS, etc.) and Ulta typically has a coupon out for OPI.  Anywhere else have bargains?  I'm looking for a light coral color if yall know of any!

Do yall use colored polish on both your toenails and fingernails or just toenails?  I typically do color on my toenails and only paint my fingernails for special occasions.  Who knows how I came up with that philosophy though!  I'm anxious to hear your responses to my 20 questions - haha!


  1. I'm more of an OPI girl, but I also just get whatever at the drugstore too but recently I've just been doing pedicures every two weeks. I love the hour of relaxation and they always do a much better job than I can!

    My fingernails are usually not painted unless I have tips on because I can't keep it looking good.

  2. I love both Essie and OPI, but I do think that Essie may stay on longer! I usually do more of a corally pink on my toes and then usually do a white (marshmellow by Essie, to be exact) on my nails! This summer, though, I've been doing some more fun colors that are really in right now (light blues, purples, and greens!) and they're actually really fun to try out! I highly suggest the color 'What's With The Cattitude' by OPI if you're looking for something fun and unique! XOXO!

  3. I love OPI for all of the beautiful colors they have. Lincoln Park after Dark is my absolute favorite. It's a really dark brown with a hint of maroon.

    But for neutrals, I always go with Essie. They're wedding collection is fabulous!

    Have fun in FL!!

  4. I am an OPI girl, too. I haven't really used Essie, but I would like to. My collection of OPI is so huge that I really shouldnt' justify buying any more polish right now ;) I usually have my toes painted a fun color, then clear on my fingers. Acutally, I go through stages when I have color on my fingers, I think I do it more in the winter. I wore lots of fun darks last year. I have heard that the Essie wedding collection is fabulous, too, Nola Girl. Hummm...might just have to try it out. I'm in need of a light, soft pink!

  5. Essie has a beautifulllll coral color out! Maybe sure you look on Essie's online store! I wear both essie and OPI... however I tend to think Essie is more classic, and OPI is more fun. So I usually use OPI when I'm on vacation, or a night on the town, that type of thing. =)

  6. I prefer OPI. I do color on my toes, but when I get my nails done, I like an American manicure. The American is a softer white. Right now my fingernails are not painted at all. I have been doing too much work around my house to have them painted. I always have polish on my toes, especially since I wear sandals all the time in the summer. Love & blessings from NC!

  7. Like you, I have color on my toes, but rarely paint my fingernails! I like OPI a lot, but I recently found that Essie color, Tea and Crumpets, which I want to buy, since it is my blog name! Ha!