Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Transition Pieces

What are your transition pieces from summer into fall?
I got this tank from J. Crew back in July and I'm wearing it today with a white skirt and navy cardigan.  The white skirt is very summer-ey (obviously) and this top just keeps reminding me of fall.  I think it will be easy to put together with a cooler weather outfit too.  What do you use as transition outfits and colors?


  1. love that top! Ive been pairing my cowboy boots with my white jeans and dresses to ease into the fall!!

  2. one of the easiest transitions i do, is go from wearing cute summer sandals, to cute fall flats. also, wearing cardigans that are a little heavier in material and keeps you warm in the fall is key! (as opposed to light linen type summer cardigans)