Tuesday, January 10, 2023


I know, I'm crazy but I've already figured out Grady's valentines. Partly because I wanted it done and partly because it's his last year in preschool (I think) and I wanted them to be extra cute. 

I've always wanted to do the tackle boxes that you see online with the gummy worms in them but I've never done it for some reason! I had Grady choose from a few different options and he chose this so I knew it was meant to be this year! 

I haven't put the gummy worms in the boxes yet because I don't want them to get hard but I'll do that in February! Here are the links:

1. 3"x3" tags - print at FedEx then have your 7 year old cut them out! Katie Corley has a great option for these too if you prefer to have them already printed and sent to you. 
3. Tackle boxes - the dividers are removable so you can make longer areas for the worms

EASY, even I can do them! :)

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