Wednesday, January 11, 2023

Random Wednesday

1. I think the start of a new year looks different for everyone. You can have these big goals that are attainable or unattainable. Or you can just do what works for you. For me, it’s controlling what I can control. If I can clean out a drawer that makes life easier for me later, it’s a good thing. Right now I cannot commit to losing 50 pounds, exercising for an hour a day or being the best friend to everyone I know. Doing my best and I gotta be okay with that!

2. I made this chicken tortilla soup in the crockpot on Monday. The kids liked it mainly because any time I let them put their own toppings on, they’re in. 

3. One day I took my lunch to work this week. That's a record. Usually I eat out at Yafo or Chipotle. And I always eat whatever lunch I have, at my desk. 

4. I recently snagged some new perfume from Nordstrom. I had been wanting new perfume for at least 3 years and I had a gift card burning a hole in my pocket so I took the plunge. The lady that helped me was super knowledgeable on her fragrances! Will share soon. 

5. I got a pair of Hoka running shoes and I'll be honest, I can't get on board. I got them mainly to hang around in, not real exercise. I've told you all before how I feel about real exercise - you must get fitted at a running store for shoes! But these Hokas weren't for me. Returning and looking for something else!

6. Sent out sign up genius links for both Molly Anne and Grady's classes this week for Valentine's Day parties. May as well get organized sooner rather than later! Always a good idea to ask for help!

What is going on in your world?!

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  1. Co-sign your comment about Hoka's!!! I bought a pair last fall since everyone seemed to be wearing them and they are just not for me! Brooks are much more comfy for me and my running style! The excitement at my house is getting the Peloton treadmill! It is amazing!!