Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Sunday Shuffle

Are you one of those that has to get their act together for the week on a Sunday afternoon? I am or it totally makes my week off to a chaotic start. It's always better for me to spend a few hours getting my world in order and the week goes much smoother for everyone in my household! Here are the things that I do to make life easier for the work week ahead. Please share any of your ideas in the comments!

1. Laundry completely done and put away. I try to do towels and sheets on the weekends too.

2. Meal plan has been done and grocery order has been placed and picked up.

3. Fruits and veggies clean and cut. Makes lunch box packing wayyyy easier. I act like I pack Molly Anne's lunch...I don't. Julie does every day except I do Sunday night for Monday.

4. My hair is washed and ready for a couple of work days. I never do sweaty workouts on Monday because I do not have time on a Monday night to wash my hair. This buys me a couple of days which really helps. 

5. The playroom and downstairs are all tidy. I have the kids pretty much do this for me. 

6. Trash is out to the curb for Monday pick up day. 

7. Sometimes I lay Molly Anne's outfits out for the week. I'll be honest, this isn't a priority for me because we don't have arguments over what to wear...she'll wear whatever I pick out and she can pretty much pick out whatever she wants and it's pretty good. A lot of days she'll ask Alexa what the weather is and she picks out her own thing. Check check. 

8. Bags are packed for Monday morning - Molly Anne's back pack with her snack and water in hydroflask so it stays cold for a day, my work stuff, Grady's swim stuff etc. And it's all by the back door. 

9. Know what I'm making for dinner Monday or make it Sunday and reheat on Monday. I try to make the earlier side of the week very easy for myself because usually I'm inundated otherwise. 

10. Look at my calendar and work email on Sunday night. I know this is probably like why on earth would you do this? But honestly it makes my world much easier to know what's going on ahead of time. I live and breathe by my Outlook calendar which is also on my phone. My whole life is on there, hence why I do not share my calendar at work. I also like to clean out my work email on a Sunday night so it's not insane on Monday morning. About to do that right now after I type this on a Sunday night!


  1. I am the same exact way - I need to take that time on Sunday to get our ducks in a row or the week starts in chaos! Similar to you, I live and die by my Outlook calendar, and I need to do a Sunday check in to see what is in store for the week ahead. Makes me feel more in control, even if everything goes off the rails!

  2. Serious goals! Ah, I need to do all of the above. Sundays come around so quickly.