Monday, January 9, 2023

90’s Party and First Basketball Game

On Friday night we went to our neighbors Brad and Natasha’s for their 90’s birthday party! It was a good time! Kevin and I are not typically dress up people but the night before the party, I thought back to the 90’s and what I did during that time. I went on my parents boat called the Nail Byter every weekend! I pulled out my “Nail Byter” sweatshirt and wore that for the preppy 90s outfit with a fav tennis skirt! Easy, comfortable and done! 

Saturday morning Molly Anne had her first basketball of the season at the Y! She’s been practicing every Monday night so this was fun for her to finally get to play a game!

Her biggest fan! He loved watching!

She ended up scoring a basket and had a couple of assists! It was awesome!

Here’s to a great season of ball for her! 

We went to Southpark during the day on Saturday and had lunch at Pacos Tacos. That night we went out to Red Sake for sushi. Basically all we did this weekend was eat out ha! Went to the club for Sunday brunch yesterday. Saw a bunch of friends there which is always fun and why we love the club so much. 

Hope everyone has a good week. I’m still trying to get my 2023 world going. I feel like I started the year pretty organized but I have so much work stuff going on right now that I’m consumed by it during the week. I’m also trying to figure out the kid’s spring activities, Grady going to Kindergarten or not and what’s going to go on this summer. Lots to think about and get right in my head. Anyone else feel me on all that?! I need to do a working mom post! I feel like it’s changed over the years!

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