Friday, January 6, 2023

Five on Friday

1. The rock at school had to be painted! She wouldn’t get to do this if she didn’t do it for her half birthday because of summer! And this is a big deal to my Molly Annie! Kindergarten year I paid someone to paint it. Last year I painted it and then couldn’t write for 3 days from pressing the spray paint can. This year I enlisted help and she loved doing it! And of course Grady came and ended up with neon pink paint on his pants. Thanks to my friend Candice who had someone paint it for her daughter earlier in the week. Molly Anne was so happy that there was already a dog there for Elle so we kept it! 

2. This picture of them coming out of swim practice cracks me up! I got her this swim coat for Christmas and it is wonderful! Keeps her warm on the chilly days! Grady had been at swim too!

3. The gentleman, always holding the doors open and wanting to carry boxes!

4. I've worked A LOT this week. Honestly playing some catch up from the holidays but mostly because I have a zillion projects and a lot going on with them. Goes in phases so I'll take it and just get it done. Grind time!

5. Anyone else following the Idaho college crime and this guy that was arrested in Pennsylvania? I cannot stop reading articles about it. His parents live in a very small town where I built a Tractor Supply years ago so I'm familiar with the area. Wild! I just can't get over the whole thing. I'm sure there's more to the story but why didn't the roommate call 911 when she saw him in their house?! Lots of reasons I'm sure but so scary, all of it!

Shopping the Lilly sale? I bet they add new styles today!

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  1. I love this rock painting and wish our elementary school had something like it!

    The Idaho murders are CRAZY!!!