Friday, January 27, 2023

Five on Friday - Camp, Menu, Mills, Cereal

1. Molly Anne is going to sleep away camp at the coast this summer and I’m starting to get a bunch of things together for that. Labels for her non clothes items. Iron on labels for her clothes. Trunk. Shorts (she loves these for all of the summer and sports). Things that are easy to find now but may not be when everyone starts getting ready for camps. Also, I don’t like doing things the week before (makes me crazy)! My SIL is very much helping me on the camp items, she’s the pro!

2. Menu from this week:
 - Beef Nachos
 - Chicken tenderloins marinated in zesty Italian (air fryer), steamed broccoli with shredded cheddar on it, and red potatoes roasted. 
- Shrimp Fried Rice (I sauté shrimp in sesame oil) and use the frozen fried rice from the store. Easy. 
- Grilled cheese (Kevin made) and broccoli cheddar soup (premade from the store)

Maybe this inspires you for next week? Easy stuff!

3. Still working on coming up with a plan on Mills’ health stuff. 

4. Grady at school! Playing hockey during fun and fitness class! 

5. Saw this cereal somewhere on Instagram and got it to try. It’s so much healthier than typical cereal, which we have very rarely. Kids say it tastes just like fruit loops. I happened to have a bag of fruit loops so here is the comparison. I got this from Target! Only bummer is it’s $10 for a small box. 

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  1. My 8 yo is going to sleep away camp for the first time this summer and I feel so unprepared! Thank you for sharing those labels, ordering some now! If you have any other tips or tricks from your SIL I would love if you could share!