Wednesday, January 4, 2023

Molly Anne is 7.5!

Today Molly Anne is 7.5 years old! Cannot believe that. 8 sounds so much older than 6 or 7 years old. I don't know, I guess I'm in denial that she is growing up!

Here are some Molly Anne facts!

1. She does not want to miss one thing, ever! I think she is afraid to go to sleep at night because she will miss something!! I understand the feeling!

2. She is very into doing all of the sports. Currently she's in her "sports year" where she decided to not dance and instead she is swimming year round (3 times a week) and playing one sport each season. She did field hockey in the Fall, currently doing basketball and will do either softball or lacrosse in the Spring. It's our job to let them try all of things before they decide (or don't decide) what they like! She also likes playing tennis with me and going on bike rides, scooter rides and all of that!

3. She has lots of friends at school and in the neighborhood. I hope she's always a good friend to others. I'm sure she's had her moments but I think part of that is growing up. I also encourage her to be friends with everyone, not just the people she's used to hanging with (aka my friend's kids). 

4. She will eat pretty much most things except salmon, shrimp, avocado (she used to love them) and tomatoes. She will eat spaghetti sauce but not a raw tomato. She is good about eating fruits and veggies. Her favorite foods are buttered pasta, chicken nuggets and pizza like a typical kiddo!

5. She's a confident little girl and sometimes not the most humble but we love her for it. She says out loud that she's good at something to convince herself that she can do certain things. Cracks me up.

6. Reading is one of her favorite things to do and she will read for hours at night if I let her. She can read and do math with the best of them. She loves science and social studies too. She loves all school basically. She enjoys art and music as well. Her imagination is wild!

7. Legos are still a hot favorite of hers, along with any crafts. She is known to find things we will be throwing away and "make them into a craft!" Space is a favorite topic for her as well. And she's into her American Girl dolls right now which is cute. 

8. Grady is probably her favorite human. The two of them are two peas in a pod. Love hard and fight hard but mostly it's love all of the time. She loves Mills in a big big big way. 

9. She will still wear bows and headbands and allll of the girly clothes. She does her own hair mostly each morning but sometimes I do touch it up! I like that she enjoys getting herself dressed and looking nice each day. I wonder if she'll ever wear a pair of jeans though (minus the white pair she wore when she was 2 years old)!! 

10. She says she's going to go to NC State and be a space engineer and go to space one day! 

We love her SO much! Happy seven and a half to our Molly Anne!

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