Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Some Grady Milestones

Wanted to share a few Grady milestones that have happened recently! I’m not trying to have my infant grow up but I must say, it’s pretty nice when they can start doing some bigger things!! 

1. He taught himself to zip his coat over Christmas break. I guess he wanted to do this because I had nothing to do with it. Pretty cool to have that knocked out. 

2. He can take his own bath and brush his teeth. I still monitor this quite closely or Molly Anne does haha. The soap pouring becomes slightly questionable and he can’t do his own hair but he can start the water, get in and out and all of that by himself. Progress! 

3. He can dress himself. I set his outfit out each night and the rule is that he has to be dressed before he comes downstairs for breakfast. He thinks he can’t put his shirts on but he can. Buttons are still hard but he’s gotten them a few times. 

4. Working on buckling in and out of the car seat. Well this one is slightly complicated but I need him to be able to do this starting in August for car line at school. I’ve learned that the bigger kid car seat is much easier to do this in rather than the one he’s still in. He also has some fine motor stuff that we are working on so this is a bit harder. But, he’s done it in the big boy car seat so I may have to do a shuffle of car seats starting in August. I really don’t want Molly Anne in a booster yet on the regular because we drive on essentially an interstate to the beach pretty often. (Crazy car seat lady over here). We will see what happens but I think I can have this solved by August (Kindergarten). 

5. He can count to 50 but skips 13. I had no idea he could do this and he broke this out a few weeks ago. He also counted to 10 in Spanish the other day thanks to Spanish class at school. I was like whatttt how do you know that!

6. We are using these Bob books to learn to read. Same ones that Molly Anne used. He understands the concept of sounding words out and that words make sentences. He has even read a few sentences by himself! So fun and he loves it. Soon we will be onto the magic flash cards that I swear changed Molly Anne’s vocabulary the summer before Kindergarten. 

Don’t worry and don’t compare. We have plenty of other items to work on and plenty of things for me to worry about on a daily basis. Like hand writing and speech. They all do these things in their own time or need extra help. No biggie deal and it all shakes out. Just wanted to record these things for the ole blog/diary! 

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  1. Taking his own bath sounds amazing (as I still sit in the bathroom for 30 minutes each night!). These milestones are so important, but they grow up so fast!!

    I am team "keep them in the car seats as long as possible!" too!