Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Camp Prep

Wanted to share the camp stuff in more detail for a couple friends that asked and also because I forgot to link the things in last weeks post. Sometimes I get a tad wrapped up in life/work and don’t have my act together!!!

Anyway, here I am, back with my sister in law’s advice for sleep away camp! Molly Anne is going to Camp Seafarer this year and is sooooo excited!

Here are some must haves:

Labels for non clothes items - I got the small rectangle so they can be used on small items - toothpaste etc. Maybe a variety size pack would be a good idea. 

Iron on labels for clothes

Trunk for one week, with wheels

Shoes for water (ugly imo but evidently everyone has them)

Hanging organizer (can hang this and organize clothes etc in it, but narrow enough for lack of space in cabin)

Bath mat for beside bed (get rid of sand)

Shorts Molly Anne loves 

Eggshell for on top of mattress 

Electric clip on fan so you don’t have to mess with batteries

- don’t overpack! 

I’m planning to keep everything together (in the trunk) until the time gets closer. I know I’ll be glad this is done come May when life is wild with swim team!

I can’t wait for Molly Anne to experience an amazing place with amazing people! She’s going to grow up so much and have an absolute blast. And I’ll probably be first in line for pick up haha! 

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