Wednesday, January 18, 2023

Random Wednesday

1. These are from the freezer section at WalMart and they’re so good. I put them in the air fryer for 9 minutes and done. Served with steamed fresh broccoli and raspberries and green grapes. Keeping things easy around here. 

2. I haven’t gotten my nails done since before Christmas. I need to do that soon. It feels odd not to have them done. I do gel and typically only get them done during the school year, not during summer. 

3. Rushing out of the house every morning is not a favorite part of my day. I feel like I run out to take Molly Anne then run back and do Mills and Grady then rush out again to take grady then run to work. I’ve had an entire day by the time I sit down at my desk to work. Let’s end on a positive? I can run an errand at lunch and that’s a good thing. 

4. Shall we discuss mental load of our multiple jobs as working mamas? Yes I worry about my kids, dealing with the house, and still have a job to mentally hold in my head which requires me remembering about 10,000 details. One of those weeks friends!

5. We have an upcoming trip in the next month to look forward to and I’m very excited about that. I hope it’s as good as people say it is! We shall see! Kids are excited. 

6. Kevin loves going to Sams Club so I’m using that to my advantage these days and letting him get a bulk of the groceries. I add things we need to a list on Alexa so he can see them and he will let me know what they didn’t have. That way I can put that in my grocery drive up order. It works for right now so I’ll take it. 

7. Getting our gutters cleaned today. Super fun adult home ownership stuff!

That’s all I have today. What’s going on in your world?

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