Friday, September 30, 2022

Two on Friday

Crazy week so I don’t have much today. School is canceled today for Hurricane Ian and I have a couple of Teams meetings and regular work. Good times. Hoping the beach gets through high tide at noon today and after that we should be in the clear. 

Anyone else seen this bread? Grady and I went to Publix on Sunday morning and picked some new stuff out. It is good!

See Jupiter in the middle of this picture? Molly Anne and I drove around the neighborhood looking for the highest spot to see Jupiter on Monday night right at sunset. It was the closest it’s been to Earth in 59 years and won’t be this close again for over 100 years. Miss Space Queen loved getting to see this. A special thank you to Poppa for telling us about it!

Hope you all stay dry and safe! Chat Monday!

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