Monday, September 26, 2022

Swim and Panthers Game

Friday was gorgeous out so we went to the club for dinner and let the children run wild! Then gave them ice cream as evidenced by the below picture!

Saturday morning the kiddos and I left the house at 6:30am to go uptown for Molly Anne’s first big time swim meet! It was huge and also 5 hours. Grady was a trooper. Keep in mind he begged to go. He doesn’t like missing a thing! Zero clue where he gets that from!

She did so well! She’s cut time off of the three strokes she competed in from her summer league times! 

And that includes her delayed jump off the block for freestyle, not jumping off the block for butterfly then not knowing what stroke she was supposed to be doing and not touching the timer pad at the end of backstroke! It was a big learning experience but I was so proud of her for going out there and doing her best! Quite different from summer league!

Saturday night Grady had a scary croup incident but decadron at the ER cured that. We used to have a prescription but were trying not to use it. But this time he was barely talking to me and honestly it scared me. This is coming from this mama who has had Molly Anne who had croup 7 times and this was #14 for him. You’d think I was immune but this time wasn’t fun. He bounced back quickly thankfully. 

Sunday morning we took it easy. They played for hours on end just like they did Saturday afternoon. 

I made this half baked harvest bread and also spaghetti sauce to have for when we got home Sunday night. The bread was so easy and I just happened to have all of the ingredients. Honestly I was laying in bed on Sunday morning and saw the reel and I was like dang I have to make that!

My friend Kelly invited 15 friends to all go to the panthers game Sunday afternoon. It was a GOOD time! Girlfriend time is very good for the soul! 

Kevin took the kids to Molly Anne’s field hockey while I was at the game then we all got home about the same time and had spaghetti! 

Teacher workday for us today. Molly Anne is going to get some commercial real estate experience at my office!

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