Monday, December 14, 2020

Visitors, Tennis, Baking

We had a fun weekend!

This picture was one night last week. 

Friday afternoon it was mid 60’s so we played outside until dark. 

One of my oldest and best friends came from Raleigh with her family to stay the night! They did the same last year. We always have fun and the girls play so well together! Mills hopped right up there...he knows Ashley is a golden lover like we are!

It’s always fun to pick up where we left off! No time ever has passed! 

The four kiddos as they headed out to do Christmas with her hubby’s family and we went to tennis!

Tennis girls!

The rest of Saturday we didn’t do anything. Long naps for everyone and Molly Anne played with the girls next door. Early bedtimes for all!

Sunday morning we decorated cookies, picked up groceries, watched Christmas movies.

While the kids did all of that, I cleaned and chopped fruits and veggies for the week that I had picked up at the store. I cannot tell you how much easier this makes my life. Starting with packing Molly Anne’s lunches on Sunday night. Put some of all of this goodness in there for sure!

During Grady’s nap, we made fudge, our annual tradition! We whipped up two sheets yesterday and I’ll do another some night this week. Molly Anne wants to make snickerdoodles too so we will probably do those this coming weekend. 

Cuddles with my baby boy. He is sooooo sweet. 

Grady got the prettiest advent booklet from his school and it had information on all of their church services this Christmas. They had a concert last night so Molly Anne asked to watch it. It was beautiful and I’m so glad we did!

Night night buddy!

A new week and one where we will be very low key before Christmas next week! 

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