Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Porch Night, Haircut, Birthday Party and Baking

Here’s the rest of last weekend! 

Many porch Friday nights! 

Saturday morning Grady had his hair cut by Ragan again! She’s sooo good with him! He was an extra good boy this time!

Grady had his first friend birthday party Saturday afternoon and it was at our neighborhood playground! We got on the golf cart to head home and he said, “fun! Fun!”  Neyland turned 3!

Saturday night we had Christmas with Kevin’s fam which I blogged about yesterday!

Sunday morning cartoons! 

We baked cookies all day long! We used this sugar cookie recipe for the cookie cut outs and this one for snickerdoodles. The snickerdoodles came out great but I think the key to the sugar cookie recipe is no more 1/4” thick and 6 min in 400 degrees!

I’ll never be the same after baking cookies with two and five year olds. Patience patience. Don’t worry, it wasn’t as wonderful as the pictures make it appear! ;)

All about the memories though right?!! 

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