Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve morning I scooted over to the Butcher's Market to get some prime rib for our Christmas Eve dinner! I certainly wasn't expecting a line like this but I think everyone had the same idea! 

Sweet boy and a Christmas tree!

Dad, Mom and I had some bloody mary's while Kevin wrapped up work. 

Best buddies

Appetizers on the porch with a fire!

Molly Anne and Dad checked the temperature of the cookies she baked for Santa and of the fire. 

Dad and I working on the huge hunk of meat! We couldn't mess it up!

MASSIVE 12.5 pounds!

It came out perfectly!  We had it with baked potatoes and caesar salad.

We toasted Uncle Mac whose birthday was 12/24.  We miss him so much but know he was happy we had a drink in memory of him!

We scooted out after dinner to look for Rudolph's nose!  It was so cute and magical and they both loved it!

Putting out the reindeer food!  You haven't lived until you've picked up wet oats from your driveway to make it look like they ate more than they did! 

Putting out the milk and cookies...Santa needed two plates evidently!  She couldn't decide which plate to use...so duh, use both!

Cuties on Christmas Eve! In their matching pajamas! Boys // Girls

Saying goodbye to Achy until next year!

And to all a good night!

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  1. Reading this made me crack up because I was outside on Christmas Eve scooping up the soaking wet oats from the Reindeer food too - after a delicious prime rib dinner and a few glass of champagne :).