Friday, December 4, 2020

Five on Friday

Achy our Elf came back to visit on December 1st and I think Molly Anne had kind of forgotten about it because she was shocked and so excited!  Grady loved it too.  I have videos of them both seeing it that morning.  She goes to school so early that she saw it first then when Grady got up, he got to be surprised too!

Molly Anne loves to go to the dentist.  It helps that her dentist and everyone at Charlotte Pediatric Dentistry is so amazing.  Perfect report as usual!  The big excitement was getting to see her x-rays!

We decorated the tree over a couple of nights this week mainly because that's all we could do with work, school etc.  I'm learning to give myself grace that we don't have these big family nights of the perfect hot chocolate, decorating, amazingness.  Our elf came with one piece of red construction paper and no fancy breakfast.  But guess has all still been magical for the children.  They don't NEED all of the fancy stuff and I honestly do not have time to do all of that. I'm doing the best I can! and yes, work is KILLING me lately.

I stayed up late on Wednesday night stuffing, sealing, stamping address and adding stamps to 154 Christmas cards.  But they're done.  Using a picture we had from May certainly helped expedite this process. No Fall or Christmas photo session for us.

Found the elf at Charlotte Aquatics this week!

It was frosty out yesterday morning and I loved how the house looked with it so I snapped a picture!

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