Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Days Since Christmas

These are some pictures of the rest of the time we had with Nannie and Poppa here!  We love our breakfasts with Poppa - scrapple, cheesy eggs and pulpy OJ! 

Mom and I looked at some fabric samples for curtains we are having made in our dining room and kitchen area. These are from Martha and Ash!

Grady, Dad and I went to the dump which was very exciting and I took a pic as a joke with my neighbor.  We got rid of so many boxes!

On Monday we played outside and chatted with neighbors that walked by. Grady got really good at his scooter! And he is a pro at his tractor of course..!

Blue eyed beauty!

Mom told me that Grady said he was hungry so she went to the outside freezer that he had opened and gave him an ice cream cone.  Pros of having grandparents around!


Lucky children to have their Nannie!


Grady and Nannie reading!

Tuesday was a sad morning when they left for their haul back up to Maryland! This is what they said when we came back inside from waving bye:

Molly Anne - “my eyes are getting a little bit watery”
Grady - “Nannie Poppa all gone”

The three of us stopped by Onward Reserve to make a couple returns then headed to my office and found a zillion gifts on my desk from very kind co-workers and other colleagues! They always stop and get candy at Ms. Wendy's office!

Hope everyone is having a great week in between Christmas and New Years! I've been in major purge mode.  I got a couple of drawers cleaned out that have been nagging me and I redid our bookshelves which felt really good to do! I needed to look at something different haha!  

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  1. Just reading about the great time you have with your parents makes me so sad for all of you when saying goodbye!

    We are in major purge mode here too - out with the old and in with the new!