Monday, December 7, 2020

Festive Weekend

We had such a nice weekend full of fun Christmas cheer.  

Friday afternoon Hilary and I snuck in pedicures with the girls! It was such a treat!  She even took Molly Anne home with her so I could grab Grady by myself!

We ordered pizza that night and hung at home.  

Grady had his last soccer practice of the season!

We love Coach Katy!

Molly Anne had tennis and Grady played with his monster trucks out there while she practiced. 

Saturday night we got to go food from a new Beer Haus down the street.  It was good!

Sunday morning Santa drove through the neighborhood of our club on the golf cart.  He was soooo sweet with the children!

Grady even warmed up to him after Santa gave him a candy cane!  

After naps on Sunday, our neighborhood had the cutest party for the children at the playground field. DJ Alli was there and she's simply the best.  They all had so much fun and the ladies in the neighborhood that planned this did such a wonderful job.  We are thankful for them taking their time to do this for the kids!

I don't think I've ever seen Grady so wild and all over the place.  He didn't stop moving the whole time he was there! 

Santa came to visit!

Julia was there and that was a big highlight for the kids!


Happy Monday friends!

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