Thursday, December 10, 2020


Grady is going through a big change right now. He’s talking SO much more and it has truly exploded over the last couple of weeks. He has stayed up late and gotten up early last week and I just know he’s going through something. He’s also been eating like a horse. He can’t get enough!  I wanted to write down a few things he’s been saying:

Santa no touch me. 
Santa no come in here. 

That hurts me. Then I say no it doesn’t. And he says yes it does. This is when I was buckling his seatbelt and he was not hurt!
Mama wash car. 

Poppa move car. My dad had to move his car one day they were here so Kevin could get out of the garage and this really stuck with him. 

Daddy home. He says this every day we pull into the driveway until he sees his car. 
Daddy car. Mama car. If he sees one like ours anywhere around town, he always points it out!

The sweetest boy!

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