Tuesday, December 29, 2020

The 22nd!

I have a zillion pictures from the last week that I want to share before the year ends.  I like to start with a clean slate on here January 1st and have all of 2020 blog posts done in 2020 so they're in the right spot when we PDF my blog! So you'll be seeing a lot of posts over the next couple of days, ending on Thursday with my Year in Review that I do every year!

Last Monday, Molly Anne had virtual school and they had a pajama day with a holiday show and tell.  She chose to share Jingles and she told everyone her name is Jingles, she dances and sings and shakes her head! I also kept Grady home from school since I had her and because it gained us a few extra days of being out in "the wild" before my parents came to visit!  Honestly if I have one home, it's easier for me to have both because they entertain each other (at these ages at least!)!

Part of her school work that day was to do a candy cane experiment and it was so fun.  We put hot water in one cup, room temp water in another and ice water in another and we had to make a prediction of which candy cane would dissolve first.  Molly Anne was right that it was the hot water!  Girlfriend loves a science experiment!

I hoped on my peloton at lunch and it was my 2 year mark for consecutive weeks of working out!

Also on Monday and Tuesday last week the Griffin Masonry guys made our fireplace right after it cracked this time last year.  It was a mess but we got it all cleaned up Tuesday then I scrubbed the porch floor to get it clean before Christmas. 

Cuddly little elves before bed!

Not happy about his Christmas outfit from a few years ago!

Tuesday we walked and played outside while waiting for Nannie and Poppa to arrive from Maryland!

They got here around 4pm and we had appetizers for dinner and caught up!

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