Thursday, December 3, 2020

Santa Visit and Picking Out Our Tree

On Sunday I happened to check out the Cabelas website to see if there were any appointments to visit with Santa that day and there happened to be an 11:15 one!  Molly Anne wrapped up her (second) list after the first one was allll Jojo siwa. I told her Santa wasn’t going to bring her only Jojo stuff so she needed to come up with some other ideas ha!!  Don’t worry, I’m sure he will come through with some Jojo things!

After they saw the fishing rods there, she decided they needed to be added to her list.

She put things for Grady on her list which I thought was so sweet. 

She ran right up there to see him! Yes, there’s a plexiglass but she could still talk to him through it and he was so wonderful to her! 

Grady was not interested and screamed the entire time! I wasn’t surprised! Poor boy. But he had to be in a Santa picture!!

Mailing her letters to the North Pole!

Quite the pose with her jazz stance these days!

On the way home, we stopped and got a tree!

The master tree picker outer!

Tis the season!

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