Saturday, December 29, 2018

Work Visit and Mike's Homecoming

I have a lot of blogging to catch up on because on the 31st I must post my Year in Review as I do every year, so look for four new posts tomorrow!

Friday, the 21st Ms. Becky was closed so Grady came to the office with me and met the sweetest man!  I'm so glad Grady got to be held by him and so many others in my work family!  Truly a special place I work. 

We did some other errands in the pouring rain including taking both kids into Publix.  It was the first time in my life I think I've asked for help from a stranger.  It was the Friday before Christmas so the place was a zoo and it was POURING but I was there to pick up a cake!  It was for my niece and I love her and would do it again!  ;)  I literally was wrangling both kids (including one 23 pound boy in a heavy infant seat) because my stroller couldn't be reached due to other things.  I get in there and see this sweet lady and she couldn't have been kinder.  She got the cake from the bakery for me, let me pay at the customer service desk AND brought it to my car and put it in the car for me. I mean seriously, so nice!  I made sure the manager knew she did all of that, for sure!


Anyway!  That afternoon we headed to a homecoming for Mike who never got a proper homecoming when he came home from Afghanistan.  He was in medical care for months and months and has most recently been recovering from surgery #119 at Walter Reed in Bethesda since August.  A couple of my girlfriends put this wonderful event on and the community support was AWESOME!  They had a police escort from the county line, there were local firemen, honor guard, police officers, members of the community, friends, neighbors, marching band.  It.was.amazing.  And most importantly, incredibly deserving!

Next up, my parents and brother's family arrived to celebrate Christmas!

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  1. 119 oh man. Im sure he loved that welcome home!