Sunday, December 30, 2018

Christmas with the whole crew!

On Friday night when everyone got to our house, we had steak tips from The Butcher's Market (if you haven't had these and live in Charlotte, please go there now!), brussel sprouts from there, baked potatoes and salad.  We celebrated Sarah's birthday with gifts and cake!  Molly Anne lovessss having her cousins here!  It was fun to all be together under one roof - my parents, brother, SIL and their girls and our crowd!  Oh and all three golden retrievers!

Sleepover for the three girls in Molly Anne's room!

While these three acted like lazy hounds.

Saturday morning we had Christmas with my brother's family!  We cooked our regular Christmas morning meal and made it feel like the olden days as much as we could!  

A little bit of Christmas for Grady!  It was only appropriate that my brother gave him his first John Deere.  My brother LIVED on John Deeres growing up and still does occasionally!

Saturday night we went to our club for dinner...ya know, at 5:15pm!  

Grady loves Uncle Clay and Aunt Emily!

And Emily got the three dogs and the four cousins all matching pajamas!  The picture that some of you all may have seen on Instagram was pretty priceless!  

Also, their Elf named Sparkles and our Elf named Achy had a little fun and took a bubble bath together in mini marshmallows haha!

It was a wonderful weekend!  My brother's family cruised back home for Christmas at their house.  

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