Sunday, December 9, 2018

Grady is Seven Months

Grady is somehow 7 months! 

1.  22 pounds 8 ounces last week, size 4 diaper, 18 month clothes whoa! 

2.  He is sitting by himself with a boppy pillow behind him in case he tilts over.  He won’t roll over yet - still going to PT but he will likely graduate by the end of the year.   

3.  He has had croup twice in the last month and needed the steroid both times.  Last week we went to our friend who is an ENT doctor to check to be sure there isn’t something bigger going on between the reflux, croup and not swallowing well. He doesn’t think there is but he will check him again in a couple of weeks when he’s healthy.  

4.  He had his first antibiotic this month at the end of one of his bouts of croup. Cefdinir. I didn’t have it in me to deal with amoxicillin because I’m sure he will be allergic like everyone else in my family.  And I was going out of town so I didn’t wish that on my in laws! 
He is sooo laid back and smiley.  If you talk to him, he will immediately smile at you.  He loves to coo and “talk” to us. 

5.  We started doing “music together” classes for the holiday session which started in November and he loves it!  I did these with Molly Anne and I swear they contributed to her love of music and rhythm.  
He loves the playmats that he can lay on and swat at toys.  He started sitting in the bumbo a little but this month but he kinda gets stuck in it.  Perhaps a little large for it?! Ha!  He loves the sit me up seat that Hilary let us borrow and he hangs in that in the mornings while we are prepping to get out the door.  
Grady needs to be highly entertained - think big flashy lights and sounds.  If it’s boring, he doesn’t care about it.  He’s too low key. 

6.  Food - he’s taking 4 bottles, 9 ounces at 7am, 8 ounces at 11am, 8 ounces at 3pm and 9 ounces at 6:30pm.   He eats breakfast around 8:30am, lunch around 12:15pm and dinner around 5:30pm. I’m still making most of his food and he also eats apple sauce pouches and yogurt pouches. This month he had eggs and peanut butter and we are good on both of those. He also had shellfish by having cream of crab soup haha! He likes everything. Grady has never missed a meal in his life if you couldn’t tell! ;)

7.  Sleep - I don’t think this has changed in a few months. Bed by 6:45/7pm, wakes up at 7am, nap at 9am for 1.5-2 hours, nap at 12:45/1pm for 1.5 hours, sometimes cat nap at 4 for 45 minutes.  Rinse and repeat. He’s like clockwork and he’s an angel.  
He became friends with Mills this month and loves him.  The feeling is mutual.  He loves to pet him and Mills wants to be near him 24/7. It’s funny because he is still just as obsessed with Molly Anne too.  Mills has a big job at our house. Why do you think his face is so gray at age 6?!

8.  Molly Anne and Grady are really really cute together. They were riding in the backseat the other day and she was talking to him and he was smiling and trying to talk back to her.  I asked her what they were doing and she said, “Grady is giggling because I love my Grady!”  It made up for all of those moments this past summer when I thought I was going to lose my mind.  I think the transition for Molly Anne to have a little brother wasn’t as easy as I thought it’d be but it could also have been the timing with potty training and moving to a new school too.  I’d like to forget some of those days this summer but also I know I won’t get them back so I’ll choose to cherish them! ;)   She loves some Grady and I know he thinks she is silly and fun too!  I can’t wait to watch them play together more next year.  

We love our Grady boy


  1. You make the cutest kids!! Elsie is an easy baby too, thank goodness! I think we were given these easy second kids so we could use all our energy dealing with our headstrong 3 year olds!

  2. How is he that old already?!?! Seriously?!?! He gets cuter everyday! Happy birthday Grady!

  3. I can't believe he's already 7 months! Time flies! I remember I started following your blog soon after your wedding, where does the time go? Your children are adorable. Have a great week! :)

    Gina ~

  4. The most adorable happy baby! We need a comparison shot of MA at the same age.

  5. I cannot get over this sweet boy! Jane Ellis is on Cefdinir right now. Of course these soulmates would be on the same antibiotic at the same time :-) Now to get them chubby face to chubby face!