Wednesday, December 12, 2018


Friday afternoon, I zipped over to Vegas for a fun weekend.  Well it was supposed to be a whole weekend but ended up only being for a night.  

I went to the Florida Georgia Line concert with my friend Sarah and her non profit The Independence Fund.  They partnered to give a track chair to a wounded veteran and we got to be there for the presentation backstage!

What a special event and it will make a huge difference in his life!  

We had amazing seats for the concert as well.  Canaan grew up with one of my work buddies.  

So we said hey to him after his show!

My friend Ashley and I. 

Mason Ramsey also played, he was adorable! 

Sarah and I in the casino, not gambling!  We'd prefer to spend our money at Nordstrom haha!

Florida Georgia Line performing.

Afterwards we went to a piano bar and hung out.  The biggest times!

We woke up the next morning, Ashley and I went to Starbucks and when we were there we found out our flight for the next day got canceled.  So we ran upstairs, booked a new flight on another airline and hoped we would get back to Charlotte that same day to avoid the snow and ice that we were supposed to get.  The three of us HAD to get back to our children and couldn't wait until Tuesday.  Spoiler alert - we were able to make it back on Delta through Atlanta and were probably one of the last flights to land on Saturday night at midnight!

But first, beverages at PF Changs in the Atlanta airport.  We still had good girlfriend time flying back together!

Woohoo!  It wasn't as long of a trip as we had hoped but it was still a really good time and much needed time for all of us!  Thank you Sarah for such a great trip!

A special thank you to my in laws and Kevin who kept Molly Anne and Grady for me so I could go!  


  1. That looks like a fantastic trip! Sorry it was cut a little short!!! Mason is so super adorable...I would love to see him in person-he was on Ellen and so cute!

  2. Sorry you had to cut it short! I am totally with you on not gambling. I think the most I have ever spent is like $20!