Monday, December 17, 2018

Christmas Party and Dress

Our goal this weekend was to do absolutely nothing because Molly Anne has had a terrible cough and yellow junk for weeks and she needed to LAY LOW!  We only did a couple of things and literally all day Saturday and Sunday, we were in our pajamas.  It was so necessary. 

Friday we went to dinner at our club and little Will who was born the same day as Grady held Grady's hand!  Will is even sitting in a high chair and waving.  Grady boy needs to get on it!  Just kidding, I want him to stay a baby for a long time because he is my last baby!  Insert cry face!

Friday night after we got home and I got everyone to bed, I stayed up and made two trays of fudge.  I'm so late on making fudge this year.  Ahh!  I still have two more trays to make.  

Molly Anne and I tried on Saturday but one tray did not work out (fudge is tough, it has to be done exactly right).  Perhaps my helper wasn't such a helper haha but the memory of she helping was nice!

Saturday night Kevin and I were invited to a neighbor's sparkly party and it was such a good time.  Hilary and Drew came over to our house for a quick drink then we walked to the party together.  They had a bartender, an amazing charcuterie board and a champagne bar.  

I wore this dress and it was such a hit on the Instagram picture I posted, I figured I should share here too.  It's perfect for the holidays and New Years Eve.  And comfortable!

Here it is.  It comes in pink and black!

I'll be back tomorrow to share about Sunday.  We did nothing all day and went to Kevin's parents to have Christmas with them after naps!


  1. I'm a sucker for a good cheese board! I feel like this was a good weekend to relax before next weekend with Christmas Eve next Monday.

  2. Never got out of my pajamas on Saturday and it was AMAZING.