Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Santa Brunch and Nutcracker

Tis the season to do ALL the festive activities on the weekend!  Sunday morning we went to the club with our next door neighbors for the Santa brunch!   

Molly Anne LOVED seeing Santa!  She told him she wants Unicorn Flip Flops!

The lady taking the pictures was telling Kevin this funky way to put babies on Santa's lap so they wouldn't see Santa and therefore won't cry.  I was like just put him on there.  He doesn't care.  Sure enough, Grady didn't care!  Next year may be a different story! ;)

Sunday afternoon, I took Molly Anne with my friend Sarah and her girls to the Charlotte Youth Ballet Nutcracker performance!  What a special girl's afternoon it was!

At the intermission, Molly Anne got to meet a couple of the performers...

She loved it.  Maybe we should have left at intermission because it ended up being a really long show and by the end, she kept asking if it was over yet!  It was over two hours long!  I think she's more in the hour to hour and 15 minute attention span these days.  There were a lot of children there and I saw many of them getting a bit antsy.  But, it was still a very nice show and something special to do together!  

Here's to many more festive things to do this month!