Sunday, December 30, 2018

Rest of This Week

The day after Christmas, Kevin worked and we put away Christmas!  Well I sorta worked too.  We kinda just hung around the house.  Mom, Grady and I did sneak out to some children's clothing shops during Molly Anne's nap (Dad stayed with her).  She'd not be happy to know we left her here while we did that. Girlfriend doesn't want to miss a single thing!

Thursday, Molly Anne went to school to get some normalcy in her life.  Dad, Grady and I took her and she loved that!  Then Mom, Grady and I went to the mall to return a couple of things and to look around.  We ended up going to a couple other gift type shops too.  Then we picked Molly Anne up and wouldn't you know that we arrived right before they had a fire drill.  Grady was not impressed with the loud sound! 

Ready for a day of shopping with Nannie in the outfit they gave him!

The thumb sucker, taking after his Daddy who evidently did that too!

These two did some computing and were/are very much best buddies!  Molly Anne got to ask Poppa ALLLLLL of the questions that she asks me on a daily basis.  It was nice to have a substitute haha!

Three of her highlights - the unicorn sleep mask, unicorn ball popper and the robe (on sale, we got Medium)!

While we were fixing dinner one night and Grady hadn't had his cat nap, he fell asleep on Kevin.  I was so jealous.  

Isn't that heavenly or what?!

For a couple of nights, Mom helped me with our bookshelves.  Rearranged, took out shelves and got some new things at a few local shops.  We went to some shops nearby us on Friday.  Dad took Molly Anne to school and my parents picked her up.  What a treat that was!  I got a little alone time with this boy!

Dad hung a bunch of artwork in Molly Anne's room which is awesome looking and I'll have to share soon.  This pooch got in her bed after I told him to.  He stayed like this for a bit while we were in there.  

Friday night we went to our club again and had dinner!

And yesterday my parents went back to Maryland.  We loved having them here and I always hate when they leave.  I was the one with tears streaming down my face in the driveway yesterday morning!  Molly Anne was pretty hurt up about it too!  

We played and played with some new things and that made it a little easier.  We need to plan a trip up and have it on the books....that'll definitely make it easier.

Oh and we switched Grady from the lean back highchair (the one attached to the chair that I've never liked and always thought was sorta pointless) to this one and it's perfect for him!  I don't think we even have a need for the IKEA high chair that we have.  This one is awesome and Molly Anne was way done with it.  I don't even know why we have kept her in it for so long other than to reach the island a little easier!

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