Monday, December 3, 2018

Tree, Elf, Soccer

Here is part one of our weekend!  It went like this:

Part two is tomorrow and it went like this:
Santa Brunch

We checked the weather on Thursday night for the weekend and decided we should get our tree on Friday so we could spend the rainy weekend decorating!  So that's what we did.  We met at home then the four of us went to Providence Produce to pick out our tree!

We got a big ole 9-10 footer!  

Kevin got that bad boy inside and I screwed it into the base!  It's a big one!

We let Molly Anne stay up late and Kevin made us hot chocolate after I put Grady to bed.  We got lights on the tree, let Molly Anne put the first ornament on (this year it was Grady's First Christmas ornament) and we read the Elf on the Shelf book!  She named her elf Achy.  I have no clue where it came from but it was the first thing out of her mouth when I asked her to name him!

The next morning, Achy brought Molly Anne some new pajamas (pants and shirt) and the cutest unicorn slippers!  Of course she wanted us to match so Achy brought me some matching pajama pants too!  PS - these are all good gift ideas!

Best buddies these days!

Saturday morning, Molly Anne had her last soccer of the season!

She was so proud to receive her award!

Coach Katy was amazing!

And she loved playing with these cute girlies!

This boy turns around and looks up to me in the cutest way ever and I finally took a picture of him doing it.   Oh he melts me.

After nap on Saturday afternoon, we made gingerbread houses that Nannie and Poppa sent us. 

And built the train tracks for the Polar Express train!  Molly Anne think this train is the most amazing thing ever.  She built the track for it and even knows how to work the remote to get it to go and beep it's horn etc.  Of course we only had 5 C batteries when it needed 6 so she and I went to pick up dinner in the rain and while we were out, we got another battery!  Yes, Grady follows the train around the tree too!  The cutest!

I'll be back with Part Two tomorrow!


  1. Looks like it was a wet soccer celebration! And that tree is perfect.

  2. What a great Elf that Achy is!!! This is my favorite part of Christmas at my mothers...I get to meet all the families elves....

  3. your family is absolutely precious!

  4. Precious memories! I think we're decorating our gingerbread house today, too!


    The side eye that Curious George is giving Achy is the BEST PICTURE EVER. Hilarious!!!!!!!!!