Monday, July 18, 2016

Weekend - One Year Appt

Hope y'all had a nice weekend.  We kept things pretty low key and I'm so glad.  

Do any of you bloggers sometime question putting things in a blog post for your friends and family to read?!  I don't know....maybe I'm just going through another sinking spell of blogging.  Sometimes I feel like it's too convenient for your fam and friends.  Some days I wish I had a private blog and only my blog friends read it! 

On to the weekend....

Friday afternoon Molly Anne had her one year appointment.  I always schedule them for late in the day if she gets shots.  

The doc had warned me that this appointment was especially not fun (and she was right!).  Mom told me to get her a new little toy so I ordered a small jellycat puppy.  She loves babyduck so I knew she'd love this pup.  I gave it to her right before the nurse came in at the end of the appointment.  

She had three shots and a finger prick. Bless her little heart. Kevin and I had to hold her down and it was just awful seeing her so upset.  But.  The shots are good for her health so that's what I try to tell myself.  I updated her stats on this post!

It was nothing a little TCBY yogurt couldn't solve. ;) Special treat.  See, she wouldn't let go of that puppy's neck!  Good call, Mom!!

We did a simple dinner and hung around the house.  Watched a lil TV and played a bunch.  

We had a bad thunderstorm that night. See Mills' nose between her crib and bookshelf.  He always hides.  This was also during Molly Anne's last bottle ever.  More to come on this...!

Saturday we did nothing but play around the house until she was taking her afternoon nap.  Kevin and I did a bunch of yard work while she slept.  

Mills can't stand not to be close to her!

Got cleaned up and went to dinner with Brad and Shauna!  Brad gave Molly Anne fries and banana pudding. I'm not sure who loved it more haha!!  

Sunday - we went to brunch at Cantina and picked up groceries on our way home. I left during her afternoon nap and met up with Shauna at Buy Buy Baby to tell her what I thought were baby essentials.  It was fun!  Molly Anne didn't exactly nap but that's another story ha!   When I got home she and I went to the pool while Kevin grilled dinner.  

I chopped all the veggies for the week after queenie went to bed.  This helps me so much!  I think I'm ready for a full week ahead!  

How was your weekend?


  1. Sounds like a great weekend! MA is such a trooper with the shots. SC has her nine month appointment tomorrow, and I am not looking forward to another round of shots. She just got her blood drawn last week, and I am still recovering from that! She did great, but I think it is harder as they get older and know what is happening. On a side note, those blocks are super cute!

    Also, I love how Mills is always with MA. So sweet!

  2. I would love to hear about Mills....we have a golden retriever puppy who just turned a year and we are drowning in hair. Do you get mills trimmed? Any other tips for pet hair. I sweep daily but it's still a mess

  3. Poor Molly Anne with those one year shots!! I always feel the finger prick is the worst :(. It sounds like you had a great low key weekend. The gears toy has been all my kids favorite. And I don't share my blog with friends or family ;)

  4. Seems like a nice low key weekend. We did the same, with a lot of packing!

  5. Oh my goodness Molly Anne and that puppy is too precious. Looking forward to a post on dropping bottles because our dr said we could drop the 3rd bottle now that Oliver is 9 months but I'm kind of clueless how to begin!

  6. That's pretty much why I stopped blogging. I enjoyed the community, but I hated feeling self conscious about family and friends reading it. I wasn't sharing anything I wouldn't say directly, but it just felt weird.