Monday, July 11, 2016

Chill Weekend

Ohhh yes we needed a chill weekend. 

Friday night we did nothing.  I didn't even take Molly Anne to the pool.  We just came home and played with her toys.  And she crashed. 

Saturday morning we went to the pool for awhile after her morning nap. Then came right home for lunch and a couple hour nap in the afternoon.  We thought it'd be fun to play in our backyard.  

(I tried this rose and I didn't love it. Maybe I don't like the sweetness?)

So playing in our backyard it was!  It started like this....

Then got like this...

Then this!  Haha. 

Then....both of them in the muddy water!

They couldn't have been happier!

Both of them got good baths!

After Molly Anne was in bed, Kevin grilled burgers for us. Delish. He cooked AND cleaned up!  Always a treat!  And I sat on my toosh out back looking at snap chat. 

With mills. 

Sunday - we headed to Chuys for an early lunch then went over to the mall.  Kevin took back a couple shirts and he got some other things he needed too.  

That plastic $0.02 rattle/maraca has been the best purchase to date.  It makes noise and is evidently good to chew on.  I had gotten them for a baby shower earlier this spring. 

At the Disney store. She is OBSESSED with Minnie.  And Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  It's crazy!

Then while Molly Anne had her afternoon nap, we drove to look at houses to get ideas on brick, roofs and shutters.  Isn't this one gorgeous?!!!  Just make ours look like this and all will be well haha!! 

We ended the weekend with a quick trip to the pool.  I know you're shocked by that ha!

Chat soon!


  1. Lol, your weekend sounded super similar to ours! Yay for quiet weekends and time to just relax! Also, that house is gorgeous; what great inspiration!

  2. That house is gorgeous! I agree, make ours look like that! So jealous of all your pool time - we haven't made it out even one time. Nice to have a relaxing, laid back weekend! And yay for Kevin cooking and cleaning up.

  3. Love the photo of MA and Mills. Too stinking cute. :)

  4. Love water loving babies! Your gal is precious.