Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Molly Anne's Birthday Weekend & July 3

After picking her up we got home and opened a gift from her cousins!  

Then we went to the pool with Gigi and Sarah!

Lil date night at home after Molly Anme went to bed!

Mills loves laying on the cool mulch. 


Then after her nap we played with her new water table that Kevin and I got her!

She loves it!  And I think she'll love it more when she can stand better. 

Mills of course drank out of it!

We also played with some other new toys.  Kinda using our guest room as a pseudo playroom these days. 

Saturday night the three of us went to Kabuto for some hibachi. We thought Molly Anne would like all the action of watching the guys cook and she did!  The only thing she didn't like was when the guy was flipping zucchini at me and I couldn't catch it in my mouth.  He did it three times and Molly Anne did not like him picking on her mama. She cried y'all!  But then recovered quickly ha!

There was a sweet old school Charlotte couple that sat next to us and they couldn't have been kinder.  They made sure Molly Anne got a sweet treat for her big day. 

She lovedddd the orange sherbet!

Surprise, we went to the pool again.  

Then got ready for our big July 3rd plans!  This was our third year joining Sarahs family at their country club for the big celebration!  We look forward to it it every year!

Two years ago, Sarah went into labor there with Gigi.  Last year I went into labor two hours after being home from there.  Needless to say, this year we toasted to neither of us going into labor and that we had our girls there with us!!!

Triple trouble one day. 

Sweet Gigi!!!

Play with me Mary Scott!

As Kevin likes to say - her antenna was up the whole night!   High alert!

The watermelon queen!

See that third bottom tooth?!  It popped through on July 3!  She doesn't have her second top one yet ha!

I love this picture of them!

Mary Scott's first fireworks!

This squirt loved them.  And she probably also loved staying up HOURS past her bedtime haha!  She actually did pretty well doing it but I think that's because there was so much going on for her to check out. 

Thank you Sarah for being such a sweet, sweet friend.  

I posted Molly Anne's 12 month update here.  Next up, July 4th and Molly Anne's birthday party!!!  

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  1. I love a good tradition! And goodness don't y'all just have the sweetest girls with great patriotic outfits!!!! Love that!!!