Friday, July 8, 2016

Five on Friday - Brick and Chris

1.  I've been here all last week and all of this week.  Two weeks of no traveling = a dream!  It's amazing what two full weeks in town can do for you.  I'm well rested, I feel sane at home and our house is somewhat clean.  Whoop whoop!

2.  She figured out how to work her little crab this week.  PS the white ruffle tank top and seersucker shorts kill me!

3.  We are on the major hunt for brick right now.  Honestly we should have started 6 weeks ago because it's taking longer than we thought to find something we like.  Samples versus real houses look substantially different.  Plus mortar color makes a huge difference.  

This is our top choice right now. Plus I just LOVE this house.  The guy was in his front yard when we saw it so we asked what brick, stone, shingle etc it was.  We are so thrilled to have this information because when I saw it, I loved it which has not occurred before this one.  Well, actually it has for a painted brick house but our HOA doesn't allow painted brick, ugh!

4. Kevin's Uncle Chris came in to town last night and we had them over to our house for Midwood Smokehouse takeout.  It was way too much fun catching up!

5.  Molly Anne is currently getting three teeth at once.  She's fine during the day but at night she hasn't been too happy.  I've given her motrin and benadryl for a couple nights but last night I didn't give her anything and she was fine.  I think it's just day by day.

Hope everyone has a nice weekend!!!  


  1. It is AMAZING what a week at home can do for a person! Congrats!!!! Perfect timing since you had a lot to celebrate during your "no travel" time!!!

  2. Yay for two weeks with no travel! I don't know how you do it! Yay for also finding the brick you like and fun times! I hope the teething for MA gets better soon.

  3. MA with that crab is too cute! I love that brick choice. I hope the teething pain passes ASAP! Jess at Just Jess

  4. Oh yay! I love that brick too --gorgeous house !

  5. Would you please help me out with Benadryl dosage? I suppose I could find it online, but want to hear what you do. Our son is now 16mo and is around 25 pounds.