Thursday, July 21, 2016

Typical Snacks and Meals for Molly Anne

I had a comment yesterday asking about what I give her for a snack so I thought it may be helpful if I just told you all some foods I give her in general!  But first, here are some typical snacks.  Honestly I get most of my ideas from Ms. Becky but I try to have some intelligence and think of things too, ha!

Snack happens in our house (or Ms. Becky's) after she wakes up from her afternoon nap so around 3:30 or 4pm.  Sometimes I'll cut some fruit or give her 10 raspberries and a cracker.  Or sometimes I'll give her bits of string cheese and a couple of Ritz crackers (they crumble easily) unlike wheat thins.  Tuesday I had a banana that had been frozen and mashed and she loves that as a cold treat (but it's just a banana).  Here are some of her favorites:

I usually would just give her 3 of these and then save the other 3 for another time.

She also likes goldfish, animal crackers and other snacky stuff.  Oh, I always give her a sippy cup of water with her snack.  Becky gives her a splash of Apple Juice in it but I'm not that nice!

Okay so meals...

Breakfast ideas - Mini frozen waffles with an egg.  An egg and a piece of sausage patty.  Eggos make mini pancakes so I keep some of those in our freezer.  Cheerios.  Oikos yogurt with fruit already mixed in.  Molly Anne like vanilla too.  Sometimes I'll just give her yogurt and an egg.  Girlfriend loves some eggs, can you tell?!  Oh and I also give her smashed avocado for breakfast.  She and I like the same breakfast stuff.

Lunch ideas - PB&J, grilled cheese, pimento cheese with a fruit on the side, cottage cheese, turkey lunch meat.  Generally I try to do a fruit, veggie and protein for lunch and dinner.  I try to stay away from a lot of carbs (don't we all?!) but she does have some.  

Dinner ideas - SteamFresh makes single frozen packets of certain veggies so we love those.  They also make a "Pasta and Peas" combo and on a night we have a babysitter, that's something easy for her to eat with a side of applesauce.  I also try to use fresh veggies but occasionally I do just buy frozen and either microwave or steam.  Overall for dinner, she eats what we eat.  The only time she doesn't is if we are having something spicy or salads.  On those nights, I'll do a concoction of something for her to eat with our same ingredients. Tuesday night we had Beanier and Creamier so I just gave her some of the beans and meat, some blackberries and peas.

Hope this helps!  I know I still need to do the bottle to sippy cup transition post!  I'm working on it but it may be next week!


  1. Always need ideas. I'm actually having a lot of fun feeding Leo and coming up with his meals! I try to keep introducing new foods and flavor a - I give what he eats like triple the thought over what I eat!!

  2. Love this! This is very similar to Annalee. I do think that she has made us eat healthier b/c we are more conscious of what we give her, trying to stick to the protein, veggie and fruit combo. My girl also loves eggs too! ha

  3. Great ideas! I gave Oliver plain yogurt for the first time this week and the face he gave me was priceless. He did not like it! So now I add a good bit of applesauce to sweeten it up. I haven't given him eggs yet but I am soon! That and pb makes me nervous because of the allergy issue! I need to buy some baby benadryl just to ease my mind and let him try it!