Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Molly Anne's First Birthday Recap

Molly Anne's first birthday was on Monday, July 4th!

Honestly, I really didn't go crazy on her party. We still wanted to do a little something with a few of her friends.  We literally only sent out like 10 or 15 invitations including family.  It was small and perfect for her. 

I got up super early and was out the door to get balloons, cake, donuts, ice and flowers.  That may be the last time I do that...I wanted to see her first thing when she woke up but I didn't get to because I was out doing errands for her 10:30am party!  Note to self...don't do that early of a party on her birthday again!

We did get to have breakfast together.  She loves balloons!

She went down for her morning nap and slept for about 45 minutes and woke up just in time for her people to arrive!

When you have a friend that comes early to help you put finishing touches on everything and tells you how to set things her.

Favors - donut cookies and slap bracelets ha!

I bought a bunch of toys from Target so the older kids would have stuff to play with. 

Mike made her the donut that is leaning up against the tree.  How amazing is that?  It even has sprinkles on it!  :)

We put bottled water and also the big jug of it outside in the shade so people could easily grab one.  

Better shot of it here...

Donut cake for a donut themed party!  You can also see I had munchkins, applesauce pouches, watermelon slices, pirates booty and chick fil a nuggets.  Easy.  We served juice boxes for the kids, water, la croix, beer and mimosas for the adults.  

Facetiming with my parents so they could be part of the celebration!  I really really really missed them being there.  

This picture was not easy but I love it and won't it be so much fun to look at over the years?!

The Dads...

She opened only a few gifts yesterday so we will look forward to each night opening a couple more.  

And of course I had to read this to her last night!!!


  1. I love that pic of the guy holding Wynn behind the couch! Haha
    Looks like a perfect 1st birthday!

  2. How fun! Can't believe she is already 1!

  3. What a fun party! That book always makes me tear up!

  4. Looks like fun was had by all!

  5. So fun!!!!! What a great first year with MA!!!

  6. It was such a great birthday party, the details were adorable ,Molly Anne looked like she had fun ....and I think I ate too many donuts haha!