Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Special First Birthday Gift

My parents had told us a few weeks ago they had a special gift for Molly Anne's first birthday but that they would have to give it to us in person instead of shipping it.  When I was home last week they gave it to me to bring back to her.  

We got them on FaceTime one afternoon so they could watch Molly Anne open it.  

She knew it was extra special!

It was a white gold necklace!

I love this picture of her looking at it!  

It was hard to take these pictures and it looks tarnished but the lighting was terrible.

How adorable is that?!  The sweetest one year birthday gift for our girl.  She'll have it forever!

Thank you Mom and Dad for always being extra thoughtful.  She loves her PBK Anywhere Chair too!  Yall are too much!  xoxo


  1. and would be so perfect fora charm bracelet when she gets older!

  2. I want that necklace!!! What an adorable gift.

  3. This is such a sweet gift! I still have something similar my grandmother gave me on my first birthday. Love seeing pictures of sweet Molly Anne!

  4. What a treasured gift, and I love how sweet MA is about opening it too!