Monday, April 25, 2016

Weekend Recap - Dan and Jacq Wedding

I love going in to get Molly Anne in the mornings.  She loves sleeping with her baby duck. 

We had a big day on Friday.  I took her to my friend Anni's house to get Dubose portraits done. 

I can't wait to see how they turned out!  

Took her to Ms. Beckys while I worked and met with our builder and then picked her up around 4 to head to the airport.  We stopped by the airport overlook where she had her snack while she watched the planes. She was mesmerized.  We will be going back!

My parents flew in for the weekend.  Mills was obviously going crazy. He lovessss them.  We got home in time to feed Molly Anne quickly and get her to bed.  We grilled burgers and veggies on the grill. I'm so glad the farmers market is back!  I love all of the fresh stuff!

Rise and Shine. I went in there Saturday morning and she was sitting up. Crazy. 

Of course we went to the mall for only about 45 minutes. We were busy and had a ton to do that day.  

Mini Nannie and Nannie. Isn't it crazy??!! They're twins!

We headed to a wedding that afternoon at Morning Glory Farms for one of Kevin's bank buddy's.  It was a gorgeous day. 

We are so happy for them!

Sunday morning with my girl. I seriously cannot take it with all these adorable outfits on her. It's too fun and cute!!!!

Happy Monday!


  1. That last outfit is especially adorable! Isn't dressing little girls so much fun? It looks like a great weekend, and how awesome that your parents came to visit!

  2. She looks so adorable in everything! Glad you all had a fun time at the wedding!

  3. Ok, I seriously need a list of where you shop for her. Aside from the Lilly. Madeleine's got that covered! I can't wait to see her Dubose portraits. Definitely want to do that eventually.

    How is the building coming? Such an exciting process!

  4. Also just noticed that my iPad mis-auto corrected my own child's name. MADELINE! has her Lilly covered!

  5. Ha!
    They are twins!
    Please dress them in matching Lilly's!

  6. Aren't summer baby outfits the best? They just look SO cute! Love your white little card/wrap for the wedding also. Where did you get it?