Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Kara's Baby Shower

On Saturday I had the privilege of helping my friend Lisa throw a shower for our neighbor Kara!  Lisa picked the Gallery Restaurant at the Ballantyne Resort.  We had the private room and it was perfect!  I made the candles again and we had rattle cookies made for both as favors.  The cake was amazing...almond pound cake with no fondant, all buttercream icing.  

We had a baby picture of Kara and Jeff along with a frame mat for people to sign and diapers for people to write on.

I asked for baby shower game ideas on Moms in Charge and one of them was this.... use white paper plates and put it on your head and draw a baby.  Whoever the hostess likes the best, wins.  Easy and so fun!  The 12 people there didn't all know each other so we wanted to do something fun but not tacky to fill the time.

Another game we did was Lisa asked Jeff a bunch of questions about Kara's pregnancy and how he thinks life will be like after baby.  Questions like - how many diapers will need to be changed a day...what was kara's biggest craving.  Then Kara had to guess what Jeff said!  Lisa printed the questions out for each guest to follow along too!

She got a lot of nice things!  We can't wait for this baby to arrive!  She's also due June 16th just like my friend Kelly!

That was the 3rd baby shower in 6 weeks that I've hosted.  I think Kevin may be ready for me to be around on Saturdays again but I LOVE hosting and going to baby showers!  


  1. What a sweet shower you hosted! I love that cake, and the room looks so nice! Yay for all the upcoming babies!

  2. Looks like a fun shower! That cake sounds delicious and I bet that questionnaire the daddy to be filled out was hilarious!