Friday, April 22, 2016

Five on Friday

1.  This article is worth a read for you mamas out there.  It's SO true. -

2.  My cousins spice drawer. She put them all in mason jars with chalkboard stickers.  No more trying to fit a tablespoon in that tiny container plus it's so easy to find what you need. Genius. 

3.  I lovedddd getting to see this babydoll yesterday morning. I've gotten in a habit of every night going back in to check on her after she's been asleep for awhile. Or when I get home and haven't seen her in too long!

Love our afternoon hour that we get to play. 

4.  I had the most FABULOUS flight attendant the other night. He ended up giving me a bottle of wine. Too nice. And it was on Delta, not even my beloved American!

5.  Mills is resting up for a big weekend we have ahead!


  1. MA looks so content! Have a great weekend and enjoy your trip! Also, awesome flight attendant!

  2. The pic of her chillin in the car is priceless!

  3. Saw that article on FB this week...a good read! Love MA in her car!

  4. That article was a big tear jerker! Loved it! Have a great weekend!