Monday, April 11, 2016

Low Key Weekend

Friday night our friends Sarah, Mike, Gigi and Mary Scott came over for a low key pizza night...

Molly Anne stayed up an hour past her bedtime but thankfully slept in that hour the next morning!

She kept grabbing my Landshark bottle even though she had her geoffy to chew on.  Crazy child!

Checking on her new friend Mary Scott!

And she stuffed this piece of pizza in her mouth.  Not kidding.  She had been eyeing it and went in for it.  Guess it was better than her green beans and carrots she had eaten ha!

Our friends left and Molly Anne went to bed.  We hung outside with Mills and called Kevin's Uncle Chris and talked to him for an hour!  Good times!

The next morning we went to a program honoring Vietnam veterans!

Kevin's Dad was honored!

Sarah was so sweet to attend!  It was so windy!

Saturday night Kevin's brother and a couple of his friends came over and we hung on the back patio again after Molly Anne went to bed.  

Sunday we laid low and played most of the day.  Molly Anne and I went to the Farmer's Market then came home and grilled burgers, veggies and had corn.  I love summer dinners.

Molly Anne had some road rage last night and ripped the steering wheel out!

Back to the grind today.  I miss my girl a lot on Mondays so I hope 3:30pm gets here SOON!


  1. Serious envy of your patio! What a fun place to hang - and you can tell all of those babes just love being outside

  2. BAH road rage!!! What a cutie. I love her peeping over to see Mary Scott.

  3. It does look so windy at the Vet event...looks like a perfect weekend.

  4. I've said this before, but I enjoy your blog so much because Molly Anne is so darn cute! She's a little doll!!!

  5. I hope 3:30 gets here quickly for you! Love that picture of MA in her car! It is also so funny how it seems babies love everything except their tethers sometimes. It sounds like a great weekend, and so neat that your FIL was honored!

  6. Yum! I am ready for summer dinners...and for the warm weather to return here! Just two and a half hours to go! It's so nice you're able to get off at 3:30 to be with Miss Molly Anne!

  7. I seriously LOL'd at Molly Anne's road rage, so funny! Sully loves a good beer bottle too, crazy girls. Looks like a great weekend, I love all the patio outdoor time y'all got!

    Erin, Attention to Darling