Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Kelly's Mexican Sprinkle, Out and Menu Tuesday

Friday was a little chilly so she was in her Little Italy romper.  It'll be a sad day in my world when Molly Anne can't wear these adorable rompers anymore!  I think they are still baby-fied but not onesies which I've never really been a fan of. 

I worked from home on Friday and this bubba was my sidekick.  He decided he needed to lay right on her blanket.  

I went and grabbed MA from Ms. Becky's and we played late that afternoon.  I had run into the kitchen and came back to Molly Anne across the room from where I had put her and these two just playing with each other.  Ahhhh!

We headed to an early dinner at 521 BBQ.  A sweet reader commented that she saw us there...next time please come say hey!  I know it was a zoo though!  :)

Saturday morning I got up early and headed to Raleigh to throw a baby sprinkle for my Matron of Honor, Kelly.  

First stop, Shutterbugs Boutique which is where I get MA a bunch of clothes.  I've never been there in person, just always shopped over the phone with Michelle.  It was fun to meet her and see the shop.  And of course I spent way too much but got MA some cute summer outfits.  Obsessed.  

Had to swing through NC State's campus...my old stomping grounds.

We hosted the sprinkle at a Mexican restaurant in Cary called Arandas.  

Maracas as rattles.

We can't wait to meet Baby Girl in June!  She's due 06/16/16!

I cruised back to Charlotte and Kevin and I went out.  First stop, Nan & Byrons for pimento cheese app and fancy drinks.

Then we got not so fancy at Tin Roof uptown with some miller lite drafts and a country band.  

Walked over to Fahrenheit for some beverages, good views and to meet up with a few people.  

Then back to Tin Roof to watch the band.  Chaos.

We never ate dinner so there's nothing better than Five Guys at 1am!  Saw one of our old Avenue neighbors Brad there.  

It was fun acting like 21 year olds again.  We've been missing living uptown so it was cool to get back and hang out.  We ubered home and I went and picked up Molly Anne from my in laws the next morning.

Sunday we played and napped and went to Target and napped and got groceries and went to the playground.  


Here's what we have lined up for this week for dinners:
Sunday - Skinny Taste Shells with Asparagus added sausage and side salad
Last night - Skinny Taste Shrimp Tostadas
Tonight - Skinny Taste Crockpot Chicken Salad
Tomorrow - Our Anniversary so our tradition - Basil (will probably do take out!)
Thursday - a ravioli dish that Teeter gave express lane customers for free this week
Friday - we usually take MA and go out Friday nights

So on Sunday during Molly Anne's afternoon nap, I've been meal prepping for the week.  Here's what I did for each ST meal above so I was set for the first few days of the week:

Shells with Asparagus - I trimmed and boiled the asparagus, boiled the shells, grated the cheese and browned the sausage.  I just threw it all in a casserole dish and then heated it up later.
Shrimp Tostadas - I defrosted the shrimp and marinated them in the verde salsa and the garlic I chopped.  I'm using holy guacamole instead of making my own to save time. 
Crockpot Chicken Salad - I put frozen chicken in the fridge to start defrosting, drained and rinsed the beans and put them in a tupperware with drained corn.  I just dumped these and the salsa on top this morning. 

Trying to make things easier in the kitchen for during the week.  I also made Molly Anne butternut squash and carrots on Sunday.  I try to make big batches of a couple food items for her during the week and they'll last a couple weeks.  They stay frozen and I just pull a few cubes out for her at night when we are rushing to get dinner on the table.  So easy.  


  1. What a fun weekend! I love the sprinkle you threw and that boutique looks like a dream place to shop! Yay for feeling like 21 again!

  2. Looks like a fun weekend! I drive by Shutterbugs on my way to work and have never been in. I need to though, it looks so cute! And wasn't it crazy seeing how different campus is now?! Even though we live in Raleigh and are so close to campus, we never drive through. When we did the other weekend we were shocked at how much has changed. Talley is so fancy!

  3. Dying at that picture of you with your tongue out! Way to still go out and have fun, even though you are a mom :) Drives me crazy when people think that their entire life has to revolve around their kids and they frown upon going out and letting loose. It's all about balance!

  4. Looks like such a fun time! I love those Mexican themed cookies! And ditto what Molly said above!!