Monday, April 18, 2016

Weekend and Mary Scott's Baptism

Whew, we had a busy weekend!  On Friday at lunch I got to go meet Miss Charlotte, April's new baby!  I'll let her post pictures of her doll first then I'll add some later.  Of course I had to put the bow in her yard that was used for our other girls.  

Friday afternoon happy hour with my girl and buddy!

Spur of the moment we had friends over after Molly Anne was in the bed.  It was a big weekend for Mary Scott!

Kevin loved holding the special girl!  She was getting baptized on Sunday!  More on that in this post...

Yeah I fell.  And hard.  I was running from our patio to our driveway and fell over these huge concrete planters.  Ahhhh.  I've been limping around all weekend.  My nose is scraped all the way to my foot and my knee is the real problem. I knew after two gin and tonics that night that it still hurt badly and that I was going to be out of luck on Saturday morning.  Kevin had to lift me into bed that night.  Yes, I was right.  Miserable.  

Scene of the crime!

Saturday morning with my girl!

Mills was up late with us so he was a tired boy all weekend recovering.  

I helped host a baby shower Saturday morning...more on that tomorrow!

Saturday evening, we went with Kevin's parents to the fish camp!  It was her second time there but this was the first time she ate...she was only 7 weeks old before.  She loved it of course!

That night....obsessed.  She doesn't really sit still anymore so I loved when she laid her head on my shoulder.  After Molly Anne was in bed, I went to visit a couple of my neighbor's who were having people over.  I stayed out for a few hours and had too much fun!

Sunday was a special day.  Mary Scott was baptized and there was a get together afterwards to celebrate!  A little about Mary Scott...she was named after a friend of Mike's named Scott who gave the ultimate sacrifice so Mike could live when they were in the Army together.  Yesterday, we got to meet a few of Scott's good friends and it was incredibly humbling.  His parent's were going to come as well but weren't able to.  Sarah's sister said it best - "March of 2010, Scott laid his life down so that Mike could continue to live his.  Today, April 2016, we honored Scott by baptizing Mary Scott with him in our hearts and his name in hers."  Here are some pictures from the day...

Kevin's parents came!

Little Molly Anne!

Molly Anne, Mary Scott and Emmy!


Girl talk

These four!

I think this is the sweetest picture...

Molly Anne loved the cake!


Mary Scott had to nap with her Whimsy, she had a big day!

What a weekend it was!  Here is my doll ready for Ms. Becky's this morning!  I miss her already.


  1. Mary Scott will have quite a guardian angel looking over her.....what an amazing story

  2. What a beautiful story behind Mary Scott's name! That is touching that Scott's memory and sacrifice is honored through her. Also, that picture with MA and her grandpa is so sweet! Hope you are feeling better after your fall. That looks so painful!

  3. I fell down my basement stairs, bruises from my arm to my butt! Glad your ok and Mary Scott's baptism looks like a lovely time.

  4. MA's hair is getting so long! I love all the sweet pictures of all the girls together!

    Hope your recovering from your spill...I am such a klutz and do things like that all the time!

  5. MA has gotten so big!!! Such cute pictures this weekend it's like she's turned into a toddler over night. What a special namesake Mary Scott has! Your neighborhood sounds so fun!! Have a great week!

  6. Molly Anne has the sweetest smile, love those two little teeth! What an amazing story of Mary Scott's name, brought me to tears it was so sweet.

    Erin, Attention to Darling