Friday, April 15, 2016

Five on Friday - Shopping Cart and Pick up food

1.  Molly Anne had a fun day Wednesday. 

She had bite size portions of pancakes at Ms. Beckys.  Starting to give her little pieces of food instead of all purée.  Actually we've kinda been doing this for a month but more often now. I'll probably stop making puréed food now. She's never had food completely smooth like true baby food so hopefully this will be pretty easy for her. Becky said it'll soon click for her to just pick up the food and put it in her mouth. And I'll just be paranoid that she doesn't choke.  Another phase!

2.  We like to play after work most days so this day we walked to Sarah's and played with she and Mary Scott!  Well some slept and others drank lime-a-ritas but..!

3.  Last night we went to Midwood for bbq. I had the best chopped salad with chicken. I'll be getting that again. So good. 

Then to SAMs Club where MA rode in a shopping cart for the first time.  

She fell asleep on the way home after all of the excitement!  Child loves any place where she can look at other things or people.  

3.  Baby Mills.  We hang at night after Molly Anne goes to bed.  Hang at night = him following me all over the house as I get stuff done. 

4.  I've started to think about Molly Anne's first birthday and I really don't know what to do for it.  I'm not sure all the hubbub is required for a first birthday party.  It's not like she even really understands so are all of big themed parties necessary for a one year old?  I'm leaning towards a family only party and have some cake for MA and call it a day.  And it's also tricky since it's July 4th - when do you do it - that weekend or the weekend before or after?

5.  I've had a rental car (aka a bus - Suburban) for a few days this week while our car gets fixed from getting hit in the parking lot the week after we got it in November.  I'm looking forward to getting our car back later today.  

Happy Weekend!!!!!


  1. That's my go-to at Midwood, it's the best! Have a great weekend :)

  2. Yay for being semi-done with pures! I am so thankful that we can move through to the next stage! I hear you about the first bday. My SIL is due the same time as SC, and I want to help with that, so I think SC will be having an 11 month celebration with just family.

  3. Nate was anti-birthday parties until BG understands them...we had a bunch of family and close friends over for a big dinner (521 catered!) and I made his cake...three years running we've done this but I'm pretty sure a real party will be in order for this year since he understands them now. Just do what YOU want...big bash or private party - it's all about surviving the first year as a family unit!

  4. She is just so adorable. I so love your blog and enjoy your writing and sharing. You are such a good mom. Love Mills and Molly Anne loving on each other. Precious! It just brings back my sweet memories of our firstborn and our dog ( Lucy).... He now is 32.... With a 2-1/2 year old and a second on the way. We too have to travel to visit our grandchild--- but so sweet to visit and make memories. Have a great weekend!

  5. I agree on the first bdays. Kids don't remember them. I think it's most special just to have family and maybe a few close friends. heck...I would have it on the 4th!

  6. She is just precious!! I think a family only cookout would be great. She only needs the people who love her most - no big hubbub required. I totally agree.

  7. We have done bigger first birthdays for our kids and then kinda do all small family parties until they get old enough to ask for friend parties. :)

  8. We didn't do a theme for the first or second birthday for that matter. I had sandwiches, fruit salad, made cupcakes, had a few friends and family over and called it a day. She enjoyed playing with her friends for the second year and enjoyed her first cupcake for her first birthday. Big parties and going all our with a theme just aren't my thing.